The Origins of Bluegrass Music: A True-grass History

Like biscuits and fried chicken on Sunday afternoon, there were magical moments in the origins of bluegrass music, when two great things came together. A Fateful NightSuch was the occasion when sometime around 1926 or ’27, a teenager named Bill Monro...

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The Birth of Bluegrass Music: Flatt n Scruggs Join the Bluegrass Boys

As mentioned in part one, The Origins of Bluegrass Music: A True-grass History, Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys were still, more or less, just a good ole’ hillbilly string band when they joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1939. At the time, they had not yet a...

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Ricky, Reno, and Smiley: Monroe’s Bluegrass Family Tree

Don Reno

“Let little Ricky sing! Little Ricky can play!” In 1960, Bill Monroe found himself faced with an enthusiastic crowd in Martha, Kentucky. He and his Bluegrass Boys were playing a gig at the local high school.  In between songs, the crowd implored...

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Bluegrass Family Rift: The Stanley Brothers

The Stanley Brothers

One night in 1969, Ralph Stanley was racing to a show in Louisa, Kentucky. Bam! One of his tires blew out. He was gonna be late. When he finally made it to the show, he heard singing, and the ring of a mandolin. “They sounded exactly like us!” he tol...

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Rock n Roll, Country, and the Emergence of Bluegrass


Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. That’s just as true for the history of bluegrass music, as it is for music as a whole. In fact, there really was no plan.  Bill Monroe had no plan, as a teenager, to meet and play with Arnold Shultz, an...

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The Newgrass Challenge and the True Grass Revival

Lorraine Jordan

 “Hey Bill, how about havin’ Courtney here fill in on banjo?” “No Sir!” Bill Monroe turned to the upstart Courtney Johnson. “What’d you call that music there?” “Newgrass??” “Yes, I hate that.” Sometime, in the early 70s, probably at one of Bill ...

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For Tickets to Bluegrass Christmas in the Smokies

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