Suggins Brothers

The beginnings of The Suggins Brothers happened as an intentional accident when two teenagers who loved to play and sing wide open, hard driving bluegrass music met for the first time at a bluegrass festival in the late 1970’s. A bluegrass friendship was formed and grew through the years into a family like bond.

In 1982 at a Bluegrass Festival in Marietta, Georgia another bond was made when a hard driving bluegrass banjo picker and a Mohawk headed guitar picker straight out of the Marine Corps ended up in a late night jam session with the legendary ELWOOD P. SUGGINS.

Bluegrass festivals and jam sessions came and went until 1985 when the Suggins Brothers took to the stage for the first time at Hamby Mountain Music Park in Baldwin, Georgia. The show was high energy to the max and the the band received a double encore for their first effort.

Since then many miles have been traveled, shows played, children born, priorities and careers have changed, but one thing has never changed and that is the tight harmony and driving bluegrass sound they produce.

The band has had the pleasure of sharing the bill with top national acts such as, Doyle Lawson, Jim & Jesse, Ralph Stanley, Earl Scruggs, IIIrd Tyme Out, Rhonda Vincent and The Country Gentleman just to name a few.

The Suggins Brothers travel through out the Southeast playing hard driving bluegrass to receptive audiences. We believe every show deserves our best effort and that each audience member might be out next biggest fan.

One of the greatest compliments ever paid the band came from the late Chubby Wise at a South Georgia Bluegrass Festival. The band was warming up for a show when the legend stopped by to listen and replied, “Now boys, that’s how Bluegrass Music is supposed to sound. “

The Suggins Brothers are looking forward to 2017 and beyond.

We think you will agree when you her em’ play, “It don’t get no better than that.”

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